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Launch of the new eFoil LIFT 3 th generation!

A clean design, 4 new dimensions!

The new LIFT electric foil offers a new, more refined design, and a manufacture with a latest generation carbon, for ever more lightness, maneuverability and resistance.
Version 3 of the eFoils Lift offers smaller boards than the previous generation, for more comfort in flight while being even easier to handle than the older generations.

The maximum speed record with an hydrofoil  is 55 km / h ( 35 mph ) , with the last LIFT pro 4’2 electric foil, released in March 2021.

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descriptif du nouveau foil electrique lift

The 2021 version of the electric foil, by LIFT.

As a passionate and in order to offer only the best to our customers, we have chosen to affiliate with the high-end brand Lift Foil.
Lift has been the benchmark brand in the construction of foils for several decades, especially for surfboards. In just over a decade, Lift has created the first electric foil and thus revolutionized the world of boating.
In 2021, Lift developed a new electric foil that is even faster, lighter and more manoeuvrable. The design of flawless quality, the irreproachable after-sales service, have led us to be the brand’s French reseller and thus to be a partner of the best electric foil manufacturer in the world.

The LIFT 2 was already the most efficient electric foil on the market. The brand still managed to develop an even more powerful eFoil entirely in carbon with version 3, offering to sail up to 55km / h!

This technological feat is accompanied by an even more efficient latest generation lithium-ion battery, offering 2 hours of guaranteed autonomy, as well as reliability and optimum safety. This last point, however essential, is one of the competitive advantages that Lift has been able to develop over its competitors: quality equipment offering optimum safety.

nouveau foil electrique lift blanc

The new propulsion of the LIFT foil

The new engine design has made it possible to obtain an engine requiring no maintenance, even quieter and relatively more powerful since it allows you to fly at 55km / h, ( 20km / h more than the competitors ! )! It is even designed to fly 2 people at the same time on the board.

An electric surfboard with ever more efficient foils.

From the elice to its protection by thinking through the overall aerodynamics of the wings and the thruster, everything has been redesigned to reduce noise, water resistance while gaining stability. As a result, the Lift 3 is completely silent, even more stable, for a flight experience that allows even more freedom!

nouveau foil electrique lift aile et moteur

Materials and a unique process

The eFoils Lift are made of latest generation carbon, with state-of-the-art tooling to forge carbon fiber parts at extreme temperatures.
Lift is inspired by the same Formula 1 manufacturing processes for the design of these Foils, and is proud to be the only eFoil manufacturer to use these advanced technologies.

The results ? The lightest and most resistant carbon on the market, allowing an incomparable lightness and resistance.

It must be said, the Foils Lift are jewels of technology, incredibly beautiful.

nouveau lift foil en action

Fully customizable wings

To each his own way of flying.

Surf Series Combo

Lift, expert in the design of foils with and without motor for more than a decade.

Lift wishes to diversify the sensations by offering users different shapes of wings to experience different piloting sensations. Thus each wing allows a wide range of options in terms of handling, stability and performance.

9 front fender options and 4 rear fender options are available, giving eFoil owners an optimal choice of options and customizations.

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